3 minutes read

Review: Kai Po Che

Kai Po Che is that very rare case when the movie adaptation of a book is a hell lot better than the book itself. The book in question is, ‘Three…..

5 minutes read

A Year in Movies

It’s that time of the year when the interwebz is full of year-end articles (including our own) and best movie-worst movie lists. I was going to do a list on…..

8 minutes read

2012 Rearviewed

Just another year, that’s exactly what 2012 was. And like every year it had its own ups and downs. The Mayans and Roland Emmerich were both wrong. Though Mr. Emmerich…..

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Diary: NH7 Weekender 2012

The Bacardi NH7 Weekender saw its third year in Pune this month.  The festival has now expanded and there was a two-day edition at the NCR in Delhi and another…..

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Review: Cloud Atlas

I am writing this review as the soundtrack of Cloud Atlas plays in the background. That is the kind of dedication that this film deserves. Dubbed as one of the…..

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Review: ¡Uno!

Green Day saw a dip in its fan-following post 21st Century Breakdown when a lot of their hard-core fans decided it was time to stop being Green Day fans. Their…..