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#2 – Whose Poster is it Anyway?

It’s been more than a year since the first part of this article was put up. Since then, I have become more open-minded about Bollywood and its sensibilities though there are…..

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Launched: Google Drive

Yes, it’s finally here. After years of speculation; Google launched Google Drive, which is their cloud storage service. In theory, it existed ever since Gmail came out with its insane…..

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Instagram for Android

After Temple Run for Android, another popular iOS app recently made way to the Android platform. Android users have waited quite a bit for Instagram. For those who don’t know,…..

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Virtual Pinboard: Pinterest

I am sure that there has been some point in your life when you have willingly or unwillingly put together a collection of related images. Remember the days when making…..

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KONY 2012

Invisible Children is an NGO started by three filmmakers – Ben Keesey, Laren Poole and Jason Russel. It deals with improving the lives of people in the conflict-stricken areas of…..