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Review: Paan Singh Tomar

The most striking feature about Paan Singh Tomar is that it is as real as it gets. It has a very authentic feel to it and it’s definitely an example…..

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Launched: Flyte

Launched on the 27th of February, ‘Flyte’ is Flipkart’s very own music store (claiming to be India’s largest so far). This is the site’s next breakthrough which has been possible…..

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GigView: Goldspot

What do you get when you take the musical sensibilities of Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar, add a pitcher full of George Harrison’s transcendental influences and mix it up…..

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Of Awesomeness and censorship.

Censorship is the first word that needs to be banned. Sounds funny right? Well that’s what the situation has become today. FUNNY. Firstly there was Kapil Sibal going all out…..

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A new year.

Yes we all know it’s 2011. And no I won’t be lame here and wish you. I don’t really know how I feel today. There have been two major things…..