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Interview: Q

It’s disgusting. It’s disturbing. It’s too radical. It’s not meant for Indian audiences. Those were the reactions I received from folks who managed to watch the movie, Gandu. However, for…..

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2011 Rearviewed

2011 was definitely a very eventful year. A lot of things happened and here I am writing about them. I write with the hope that sometime next year I’d read…..

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Review: The Dirty Picture

To start with, Vidya Balan is a superb actor and she puts across a brave and unrelenting portrayal of Silk. (Try YouTubing Silk Smitha and you’ll know why this movie…..

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iHack: Build Yourself a Mac

Everybody loves a Mac, no matter how much you might say you hate it. A Mac is indeed a pretty cool thing to have and more so if you are…..

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The Indian Stoner Flick?

The other day, I was watching the trailer of the third part of the Harold & Kumar series. Those familiar with the series would know that these films are gross,…..

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The reasons we were gone.

We’re publishing an article after almost 11days. And these are the reason why we were gone: 1. Arjun and Anurag were sent to cover the Bacardi NH7 Weekender. One of them fled with a certain hat…..