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Review: Dhoom 3

I wasn’t exactly expecting a Citizen Kane here. But the film disappointed me so much that I didn’t actually mind the annoying guy on his phone seated next to me……

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VOD: Humble Plea To Bollywood

I just saw this video made by the guys at All India Bakchod and I had tears in my eyes, someone was saying what I wanted to in a way…..

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9 things banned in India

India loves banning stuff and here’s a non-comprehensive list of stuff that’s banned in all of India or in certain parts. (We changed our featured image because we were deemed…..

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VOD: Status Update (NSFW)

What if your Facebook Status Update came true. Here’s a hilarious short film that takes a look at our facebook obsessions… Vimeo Description: IN A WORLD WHERE EVERY LOSER IS…..

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Our favourite films from IFFI 2013

I was at the International Film Festival of India 2013 in Goa. This is the 44th year of the festival. And like most things organised by the government, IFFI was…..