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VOD: IT Guy v3.0

Sanjay Manaktala is probably one of the awesomest comedians we know. This is him talking of rapping about a very important issue (again, this is the third time) that plagues many individuals…..

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Who the hell would copy a Vespa?

I had once written this article about China on this site and I still receive feedback about it. I thought I had it behind me. I thought I was done…..

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VOD: The Vinyl Records cover The Ska Vengers

The guys at Okay Potato! have this awesome initiative called No Cover Charge where they get Indian indie musicians to cover songs by other Indian indie musicians.  This one has Delhi…..

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Review: The Lunchbox

The credits rolled and I thought to myself; how can something so simple be so poignantly beautiful? And I probably thought over that for two days, hence the delay in…..