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The Best of In.Sight – 2011

  2011 was a year that introduced us to a lot of new talent. A lot of photographers sent us their photos and we chose the best ones out of…..

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

“They say home is where the heart is But what a shame, Cause everyone’s heart Doesn’t beat the same…” Billie Joe very rightly said the above. For the heart changes…..

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Against the Bright Lights

Editor’s note: Our in-house photographer Anurag Banerjee believes that while taking photos of live gigs, one must keep the beat in mind. “Don’t wait for the beat; predict it instead”,…..

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Featured Photographer: Vidhi Todi

Very nice perspective, I must say. It was a good choice to convert this one to black and white. The shades of black, white and grey are evenly balanced. It is almost as if the cycles in the foreground and background frame the person in the middle.

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Symmetry in Nature

Symmetry and patterns – two immensely important characteristics that nature can be defined by. Mirrors and reflections create a symmetry that not only looks artistic but can also create interesting shapes…..

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The Grainy Season

Grain is a property unique to photography – no other medium gives you the same look. Our mind is accustomed to equating a particular kind of emotion. For instance, images…..