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TESS: Showcasing the Short Film

In the gamut of filmmaking, short films often lack the recognition they truly deserve. Limited mostly to select film festivals or film discussions, the short film dwells in a space…..

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GigView: Indus Creed

 On July 6, the five-member band comprising Uday Benegal (vocals), Mahesh Tinaikar (guitar), Zubin Balaporia (keys), Rushad Mistry (bass) and Jai Row Kavi (drums) played at The High Spirits in…..

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Review: Urban Shots – Crossroads

Light-hearted, lucid and easy to read – Urban Shots Crossroads is none of that. A book I picked up with the intention of breezing through in a day’s time had…..

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The Fashion Escape

Fashion. It is one of those fleeting things that is but, concrete enough to shape identities. Almost everyone, admittedly or otherwise, has been a victim to fashion that has given…..

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Spotlight: Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson is the kind that you could easily spot in a crowd. An up and coming musician, his boyish looks can make anyone do a double take. Thrown initially…..

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GigView: Alien Chutney

Alien Chutney is one of those bands that you can’t help being curious about. While the name makes your eyes pop, the band members make your jaw drop. If you…..