4 minutes read

Pride of the Queer

The weekend of 10-11 December saw the city of Pune celebrate its second edition of the Q Fest. The festival celebrated the pride of the queer with the theme, ‘Being…..

7 minutes read

Interview: Dualist Inquiry

Immense potential + heart-warming humility – pretty much the first impression Sahej Bakshi leaves you with. This Delhi-based Electronica artist has an easily-endearing vibe that works in perfect harmony with his crowd-pleasing charm.

2 minutes read

GigView: Pentagram

Even to a person that attends most shows put up by a consistent line up of various incredible artists, there comes that occasional gig; the anticipation of which instantly makes…..

3 minutes read

Painting the Streets

There are some who want to make the world a better place And then there are some who want to make the world a better-looking place. Urban Street Art has…..

7 minutes read

Interview: Shaa’ir and Func

  “Anybody, anywhere understands honesty” The sincerity and conviction with which she said those words about their music left an immediate impact on me. This Mumbai-based duo are not only…..

2 minutes read

GigView: I Am, We Are, You Is

  There are shows you plan to attend which fail to meet expectations and then there are shows you attend spontaneously which turn out to be a cut above the…..