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Eristoff Invasion 2012 – Pune

David Guetta – a name that lately, cannot go unnoticed without causing a stir of excitement. His latest album, Nothing But The Beat was an immense success. Collaborating with artists…..

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Goldspot: The Zing Thing

If you lived in the 70s, 80s, or the early 90s, the title of this article would make sense to you. But that is not what this feature is about……

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Interview: Keshav Dhar

How does it feel to be the anchor behind a project like Skyharbor that has reached an amazing level of popularity within a short span of time? how does it…..

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Inspiration (Read Plagiarism)

 Imagine you’re a musician (if you are, apologies). Now, you put your heart, sweat, blood and tears into writing this masterpiece of a song. You gather money from EVERYWHERE and…..

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What the Hell is Math Music?

As we all know, music has a lot of genres; and when I say this, I mean A LOT! Rock and metal as we know it, has evolved so much…..

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Interview: Soulmate

“You can’t bullshit the feel man”, he said. I say he, but I mean Rudy Wallang. Guitarist, songwriter and composer for the world-famous Blues band, Soulmate from Shillong. They were…..