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Review: Odayan

A comic book writer once told me, “When you are making a film, if you need an airport you have to find locations, decorate a set, get permissions. If I…..

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90s Music We Can’t hate – Govinda Special

Arguably the “No. 1” Hero of the 90s. He transcended the traditional leading man role to doing comedy, with David Dhawan directing him in countless blockbusters. Armed with impeccable comic…..

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10 High School Movies You Must Watch

While doing some research for a future project, I ended up watching quite a few films in the American High School Movies genre which were focused primarily on films made…..

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Underrated Movies you must watch #1

Listing underrated movies is definitely trickier than listing an all time favourite movie list. Probably because there is a very fine line segregating underrated films, that people watch and fail…..

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Review: The Avengers

Here’s a fact – you will have to watch films such as Thor and Captain America especially in order to connect well with The Avengers. This is a little unfair but…..

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Review: The Rum Diary

  “Nowadays, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” The first thing I got to tell you is you got to be in an altered state…..