2 minutes read

Not Quite a Hangover

  It’s as cold as Ahmedabad gets. A regular winter almost-morning, un-slept through the night, not because I had to, but because it’s this odd hour that inspires me in strange ways…..

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Review: Revolution 2020

The man is no genius but he sure knows what sells. Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 might be a page turner for some but for the few others, it is an…..

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Into the Chocolate Factory

  Fifth grade was a good time to be in. Since I wasn’t abnormally tall then, I turned towards my school librarian for help when I couldn’t read the titles…..

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Review: Aarakshan

Just to clear the air – this movie is hardly about reservations or the quota system. The word is scattered here and there throughout the movie to create a conflict…..

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Review: The Wrong Prescription

Honestly, I was skeptical about writing this review initially. The author is someone who I have personally met since he is the father of a dear friend. This ‘dear friend’…..