4 minutes read

Lost in time

Most pieces of adventure-literature from the 19th century has recorded encounters with “savages” or  barbaric tribes that various white protagonists have overcome with their gallantry (read balls) and guns. Cut…..

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Serendipity – those unexpected accidents that take you by surprise. Those things never meant to be; those events not written in your destiny.Yet they crop up into your life and…..

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Review: Maus

I wonder what kind of imagination Art Spiegelman must possess to come up with something as brilliant as Maus (German for ‘Mouse’). This graphic novel is a depiction of the…..

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PhoneSmart: Windows Phone 7

To keep up with its competition, the new iteration of the Microsoft Windows Phone (earlier known as Windows Mobile) is definitely better than its predecessors. However, when you compare it…..

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The Bauls of Bengal

Simply put, the word ‘baul’ means ‘mad’ or ‘restless’. Technically, this would make the Bauls of Bengal madmen. I wouldn’t call them mad as much as I would call them…..

3 minutes read

Of This and That

I believe that the real worth of a book can often be measured in what you can take back from it. Sometimes, it is the emotion that you are induced…..