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The smoke, filled with underlying tones of sandalwood, blurred my vision. My eyes teared and I blinked. I was home early that evening only to find Aparna in the garden……

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Review: Canyon of Souls

American author Ronald Malfi brings out the first of his books to be published in India – The Canyon of Souls. The aptly-titled book takes the reader on a journey…..

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Getting Back Home

My feet hit the tarmac from the air stairs. I took a deep breath and inhaled the familiar smell – saltiness, humidity; but something was missing. I fought the urge…..

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A Naight Phor Lauwers

I don’t remember when exactly I started following Rohan Joshi on Twitter, but he has had me in splits ever since. So when I heard that he was performing at…..

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Tick tock tick tock

Tick tock tick tock. The clock struck two. I shifted shape under my quilt. The silence was killing. I couldn’t put off responding to the question forever. I shut my…..

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The D Word

Looking back at SIMC (UG)’s 2013 batch’s experiences over the past 2 months, Neha Joshi writes about the word that’s been doing quite the rounds lately. My article is on…..