7 minutes read

Drugs, Guns and Zombies

If I wrote this as a review it would merely be a whiny rant about why the movie was kind of, ever so awful. I would give away a little…..

4 minutes read

And The Winner Is…

Felicitating yourself because no one else will do it seems like a rather narcissistic tendency to me. Despite the fact that a lot of Indian movies are ruthlessly lambasted by…..

4 minutes read

Review: The Artist

The Artist is monochrome, silent and does not consist of any cinematic behemoth that would woo audiences (i.e., the generic herd of moviegoers). However, the fact that this movie is…..

4 minutes read

Review: A Separation

A seemingly prosaic, mundane drama, A Separation didn’t hook many people at first impression for we are a world that goes to the movies for ‘a change’ and not to…..