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What the Hell is the Lost Generation?

It was an age of miracles, an age of art, an age of excess, and an age of satire. This is what F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about the Lost Generation…..

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What the Hell is Dadaism?

Reject rationality, embrace dysfunctionality. These are the prime ideals which were born out of the Dada Movement. Disgusted by the senseless violence that the First World War had brought to…..

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Who the Hell is Dennis Hwang?

Ever found yourself scribbling on the edges of your notebook? Remember the feeling of “constructing” wild motifs and Van Gogh-esque patterns and doodles, as your Trigonometry professor drones on about…..

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Listen -– Viva la Persistence | Know – Hollywoodland
Go – Sunburn 2012 | DIY – Alcohol buckets

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Between Two Worlds: Persepolis

Growing up, Marjane Satrapi has been one of my childhood heroines. One of the primary reasons that attracted me to her debut book, Persepolis was its forbidden fruit-ish nature. This…..

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One year and counting…

Words cannot even begin to describe the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at dfuse.in. Tempers run high (mostly between the editors), deadlines are almost never met,…..