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Melodies for Tibet

On the 29th of January, I was among the audience of Melodies for Tibet, an initiative that aimed to bring about a significant change in the lives of the millions…..

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Where the Hell is Matt Harding?

  We all have that ONE friend – the one that cannot dance. No he can’t do the hustle, the shuffle, the robot. He can’t bhangra, lohri or salsa to…..

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Can’t you feel the love?

This is what happens when you leave Pune too soon. Missing the rest of the ‘staff’. Especially Rohan. No, I have no favorites. Except Rohan. I’m nice that way. Kbythn. I…..

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What the Hell is Steampunk?

  “Steampunk is what happened when Goths discovered the color brown.”                                                                                        – Jes Nevins (Author, Librarian, comic book geek extraordinaire) During the course of my research, I came across…..