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when dfuse.in is famous and awesome…

  #1 we will have another site dedicated to all the rejected articles in a site called refuse.in  #2 Google will have a doodle  of Aniket on his birthday  in commemoration of…..

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Interview: Andy Riley

Comics, cartoons and illustrations get stuck to your brain in such an effortless manner. Growing up, I remember being fascinated with Roald Dahl books simply ‘coz of the way Quentin…..

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Review: Nothing But The Beat

  After the phenomenal success of ‘Sexy Bitch’, ‘Wavin’ Flag’ and ‘I Gotta Feeling ’, French House Music extraordinaire David Guetta is back with his 5th studio album ‘Nothing But…..

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MTV VMA’s : The Madness

Unlike the stuffy Grammy’s or the over-rated Oscars , the MTV Video Music Awards is powered on scandals and controversies Known as the ‘Oscars of the Youth’ – The VMA’s…..

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Stud Muffin Of The Month : Rohan Kapoor

So Rohan Kapoor our ever effervescent creative director is back from his extended weekend from Ahem-badh. Unpacking his new/old iron for those Monday morning uniforms, the theplas which will be consumed the…..

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What the hell is the 27 club?

Editor’s note: Amy Winehouse wasn’t the only one to die at 27 and all of us at dfuse.in couldn’t resist digging out as much as we could on this ‘phenomenon’……