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OffTheRecord: Rollercoaster by Two Parallel Streaks

“Two Parallel Streaks” is an acoustic duo project consisting of Singer/songwriter Tania Chourasia and Composer/songwriter Omkar Potdar. You can can follow them here: https://www.facebook.com/twoparallelstreaks Do you want to be featured on the…..

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The Foxification of the Indian Media

One of our favourite pod-casters, comedians and television personalities- John Oliver, sort of told Americans about the World’s biggest elections, in the funniest way possible.  

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Pretentious Movie Reviews: Jaani Dushman

Kanan and Biswa return. And this time they review the Visual Effects Extravaganza that is Jaani Dushman.  Do check out their previous review of Gunda. Follow ’em on Twitter: Kanan…..

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Ganesh Talkies- Dancing! Dancing! (official video)

One of our favourite bands from Kolkata just dropped a new video today! Check it out in it’s all disco-glory. And do follow The Ganesh Talkies at https://www.facebook.com/GaneshTalkies