As a part and parcel of democracy, we the citizens can hope for small (not many) changes in the system we live in. Even though voting for your favourite Bigg Boss candidate by sending SMSes worth your salary for a month (we know it was Gauhar) was more important than voting for your local candidate for the elections, we still haven’t lost hope. Delhi fared pretty well with the cool new “common man” positioning of the Aam Aadmi Party doing the trick. But Kejriwal’s temperamental tenure of just 49 days makes trusting his governance a little tricky from now on.

So let us look at a few things we should expect/ demand from the government- ranging from local governance to nation-wide issues in the upcoming season of Assembly Elections.

Better Roads

Every freaking day…

Drills down my spine! I desperately wait for nothing but signals on the road so I can stretch a little and get my spine in shape which has gone haywire thanks to the aesthetic patterns of the poorly patched roads. The patterns re-structure during the rains to form craters in the middle of the road to form wormholes but with a lot of pain and really bad ending, as if the fat cows lazing on there weren’t enough. My plea to the new government will be that if you can’t develop roads, develop manned drones like The Jetsons.

Rape Prevention?

True Story

True Story

We gave in to sensationalism, like we give in to our girl-friend when she is throwing tantrums. Why do we need politicians if the media can get policies passed and amend laws like it’s as trivial as an article on the web. The traditional media, especially the television has seemed to master the art of propaganda. But this is not the only issue. The age old stereotyping of men and women in Indian popular culture creates a divide between the sexes and both imagine each other going “This is Spartaaa!” on them to claim their ‘territory’. But isn’t this plain bullshit? Kapil, dude this is a heads up.

Film & Censorship

 And this is a frame from an Indian film from the 1960s, no kidding...

And this is a frame from an Indian film from the 1960s, no kidding…

We all saw the debacle of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine ultimately not releasing in India due to an issue over the anti-smoking ads that are mandatory to be screened before films. We saw a similar case with David Fincher over the explicit scenes in his film. Well, our mentality has progressed quite a bit in terms of handling nudity, smoking and the use of drugs in films and I doubt how many people shoot heroin up their veins after watching a film like Trainspotting. With upcoming C grade art films like Miss Lovely not getting their due recognition due to the conservative-minded censor board, and people like Karan Johar portraying a culture that is not just wannabe but also detrimental to tender Indian minds, it is high time we stop taking shit from them.

Sex Education

sex2 sex3 sex1

It lies in a cheap, degraded, tabooed state not just in government schools but also in hi-fi educational institutes. We have a long way to go to get over this image of sex and there is a huge part the government can play in achieving this. But instead, they aggravate the issue by banning porn in India. Mind you, it is a ban on WATCHING porn, which was probably a move to minimize the production of pornography, but it hasn’t helped. It is a very sorry state of a child’s mind that learns everything about sex from pornographic magazines and other media and bases his desires on the glamorized and exaggerated version of sex they portray in porn films. Nevertheless, banning the watching of porn accentuates the taboo of sex in India and the move will be justified if it was substituted by effective, non-tabooed sex education.

Or the simple solution:



Ending the list on a high note, my question to everyone out there is, “What the hell is wrong in smoking pot?” There can be serious discussions about its medicinal properties and its golden history, but isn’t it plain hypocritical to have tobacco and alcohol legal that ACTUALLY pose a lot of dangers to mankind. Like the guilt of getting drunk and texting your ex that last for atleast a week. We are seeing movements all over the world like US, Uruguay, Portugal for decriminalization of smoking marijuana and we hope to meet up with friends over a joint the next time. Even riding back home gets interesting, in that case.

What’s on your wishlist, tell us in the comment section below. If we find it interesting be rest assured it’s going to feature in the next wishlist. Also check out 9 things banned in India.