It took two months of intense planning and effort for the team at AIESEC Chennai to set up Project Footprints, their most “historical pursuit” till date. (Read our overview of their project here.)

The first impact week of this five-week-long project just got over to a great response. The two NGOs that participated in the programme  in this week were  Sri Karpagavalli Vidyalaya from Mylapore and Sevasamajam Children’s Home from Taramani in Chennai.  A 19-member organizing committee, 12 of AIESEC’s international interns and 40 external volunteers gathered solely from the M.A.D. Campaign participated in this project. With a total of 270 children benefiting from this initiative in just one week, Project Footprints definitely set sail on a high note. We urge you to register for the M.A.D. Campaign here and be a part of this project in any capacity that you can.

On the first day, the children happily indulged in  a variety of creative learning methods which furthered their knowledge about everyday health and hygiene. It is noteworthy to mention here that these activities are designed completely by interns working with AIESEC Chennai. The second day saw the children going for a free eye check-up at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital in Chennai. Fifteen children were diagnosed with ailments and they were subsequently offered free treatment under the Chief Minister’s Scheme of Tamil Nadu.

The children were given international exposure through their interaction with AIESEC’s international interns. Through group activities, the children learned about another culture that exists parallel to one we are accustomed to in India. On the fourth day, a senior professor from Ethiraj College in Chennai rendered a session with the children and gave them some good career guidance. The week ended with an arts and crafts session as a prep for Balakalakaar, the mega event which AIESEC Chennai has organized as a culmination to Project Footprints.

As each week progresses, we are sure that Project Footprints will not fail to make an even bigger impact than they intend to make. Do support AIESEC Chennai’s effort through Facebook or Twitter and help us spread the word!