The fourth week of Project Footprints brought AIESEC Chennai closer to the successful completion of their initiative. The two NGOs involved were Home for Poor Boys and Violet Matric Hr. Sec. School. A total of 400 children participated in the various activities planned and organized especially for them. Eight to nine worked with each organization for the entire week. Home for Poor Boys is an NGO situated in the heart of Chennai and Violet School is located on the outskirts. We think that AIESEC Chennai did a brilliant job by involving both these NGOs in their project. Here’s how the week unfolded:

Day 1: International culture exposure

The international interns taught the children about all the cultures they came from. The children listened intently and grasped the information extremely well. This was proven by the quiz which was organized for them at the end of the day. The listening skills of these children delighted the interns thoroughly.

Day 2: Free eye check-up at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai

The children were taken to AIESEC Chennai’s partner, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for a free eye check-up. Just like the previous weeks, children with ailments were diagnosed and offered free treatment as well.

Day 3: Health, hygiene and motivation

On this day, the children were shown various presentations on keeping themselves healthy and hygienic. The presentations garnered an encouraging and positive response. Moreover, the interns spoke to the children about realizing their dreams and ambitions in life. Stories of motivational speakers such as Nick Vujicic were also narrated to the children.

Day 4: External resource person visit

At Violet School, Mr. Paul, the organization head of Little Angels Hr. Sec. School (one of AIESEC Chennai’s previous partners) spoke to the children and had an engaging discussion with them. Ms. Srinidhi visited Home for Poor Boys and entertained them with a magic show.

Day 5: Drawing competition

Since this was the week before AIESEC Chennai’s main event, Balakalakaar, a drawing competition was organized for the children. According to us, AIESEC Chennai could not have chosen a better theme for this day. There were separate prizes for this competition which were awarded to the winners later.

With this, the fourth week of Project Footprints came to an end. This was a relatively simpler week for the organizers since the children were well-behaved and well-versed in English. There were minimal language barriers which made work even more easier for the international interns. The interns developed an emotional bond with the children who wrote farewell messages for them as well as sang many songs. We think that with each week, AIESEC Chennai proved that with good organization and planning, hardly anything seems difficult.