As the world’s largest youth-run organization, the initiatives that AIESEC takes never fail to make an impact. AIESEC in India too gives a platform that one would only be proud to be a part of. This statement is exemplified by Project Footprints, an initiative taken by AIESEC Chennai’s local office. Spanning a period of five weeks, this initiative aims at giving a chance to various socially and economically backward children for exchanging ideas and understanding the many facets pertaining to child rights and child empowerment.

 The project consists of five impact weeks wherein the organizing team will work with around three to four NGOs per week. Children from an approximate of fifteen to twenty NGOs will benefit hugely from this comprehensive programme. Here’s what the five-day schedule for each week looks like:

Day 1: Health and hygiene

With the use of creative learning methods and interactive discussions, the children will be taught about a wide range of topics – from the effects of impure water to the importance of dental hygiene and upkeep.

Day 2: Free eye check-up at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai.

One of the premier service-providers in eye care, Dr. Agarwal’ Eye Hospital will ensure that every child’s vision is checked by experts in the field.

Day 3: Cultural exchange

Twenty volunteers from international AIESEC offices will be specially flying to Chennai to make the children aware of the diverse cultures that surround us. With engaging activities, the children will be able to identify various cultures and sensitize themselves towards them all. As a fun activity, they will also be given a chance to make Chinese dragon to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Day 4: External resource-person visit

Resource people ranging from policemen to doctors to philanthropists shall come and talk to the children in a simple manner. This will enable better understanding and will allow the children to easily ask questions also.

Day 5: Arts and crafts

As the perfect end to every week, the children will be introduced to the world of arts and crafts where they will be able to display their creativity by making objects such as photo frames, finger puppets, hand-print butterflies and so on.

Apart from this innovative and extremely thoughtful five-week programme, Project Footprints will culminate with Balakalakaar, by far the largest event hosted by the AIESEC India network. This will aim to inculcate an interest for the field of arts in the children as well as help them develop a passion for the same. With art competitions, talent shows, performances by some of the city’s most-reputed art connoisseurs and more, this event aims to touch the lives of over 7,000 children!

If you are thinking of being a part of this wonderful initiative, the organizers have facilitated that for interested volunteers across the country. By joining AIESEC Chennai’s Making a Difference or M.A.D. Campaign, you can volunteer to be a part of Project Footprints in any capacity that you desire. They even run a blog known as BlogPrints which you can see here. To register in this campaign, go here. 

Feel free to leave any queries or comments below and we assure you a quick response from the team at AIESEC Chennai. We are going to update this space with weekly reports from Project Footprints as well as an overview of Balakalakaar. Do extend your support towards this initiative because it never hurts to stand up for a good cause, does it?


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