4 minutes read

Life and times at AUS

  Where East meets West. This often-used tagline was the first thing that caught my rather scattered attention as I entered the gates of the American University of Sharjah for…..

3 minutes read

Life in a Metro

When I was planning to get admitted at Xavier’s; I remember how I heard from numerous people around me about the notable big-shots that have passed out from this college……

2 minutes read

Caffeinated College Life

The sojourn began in the middle of 2009. Bags were packed and I was sent to Pune for studying Law. No teary adieus – it was a cheerful start. As…..

2 minutes read

Discovering Hope at Delhi University

What can one expect when the largest student-run organization of the world joins hands to promote a social cause? Success, you say? Change, we say! Shirin Rai Gupta writes about…..

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Life in a hostel: Sophia College, Mumbai

After a thorough boarding school experience, Sharanya Ramesh is no stranger to living independently. Here, she talks about the transition to college and how being a hosteler at the Sophia…..

3 minutes read

The D Word

Looking back at SIMC (UG)’s 2013 batch’s experiences over the past 2 months, Neha Joshi writes about the word that’s been doing quite the rounds lately. My article is on…..