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We Are Like That Only

‘That asshole, he whistled at me’ I said to my roommate as I stormed into my apartment in Singapore. I was livid. My blood boiling as I pictured the smug…..

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Don’t date a girl who murders people

She’s the one you see standing in the corner, smiling quietly to herself. You feel like you can’t escape her very presence. What is it about her? Is it her…..

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Indian Media is tripping balls on Adderall

Following up on his previous segment on the Indian elections (the video of which went viral previouisly), John Oliver returns with another gem. We thought it was DMT, but he…..

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Very Funny isn’t Good Enough.

I’ve always been hyperactive; even as a child, I’d never sit in one place. My father started that phrase, “Shunky, you can’t sit in one place.” (It’s true though.) I…..