3 minutes read

How WhatsApp Has Ruined Your Life

So does anyone around here remember ICQ? That hippie doodle flower was such a big part of my childhood. ICQ’s interface might have been prehistoric compared to (the super annoying)…..

1 minute read

DZMA Diaries: Swarathma

An eccentric Vasu Dixit with his band Swarathma stole the show with their animated performance that got the crowd in high spirits at The High Spirits Cafe, Pune! Symbiosis Institute of Media…..

6 minutes read

2013 Rearviewed

Everyone does one of these articles and most of those articles are better than mine. But I’ll do it any way. Cause I wouldn’t be able to cry myself to…..

4 minutes read

Merry Christmas

(w)HO(re) (w)HO(re) (w)HO(re)!! Don’t do it. You know what I’m talking about. The only reason you’re planning to attend this party is so you get a chance at getting laid……

3 minutes read

The Valley of Fear

To those who have read Sherlock Holmes, this title wouldn’t be a surprise. However, truth be told, it’s not going to be a rendition of the story that Sir A…..

7 minutes read

9 things banned in India

India loves banning stuff and here’s a non-comprehensive list of stuff that’s banned in all of India or in certain parts. (We changed our featured image because we were deemed…..