3 minutes read

In the name of God

In India, we have a lot of festivals. There is a droll analysis that should one consider all national holidays, festivals, one’s birthday, sick leaves and weekends, one could exhaust…..

5 minutes read


The newest word in the market today is soundsmartism. Okay, it isn’t. But don’t you wish it were? If in a room of 500 people or just a Mumbai Western…..

4 minutes read

The Death of Innocence

She was sleeping. A peaceful, dreamy sleep with her face betraying the story of the dream. Apart from the few frowning expressions that marred her pretty face for a moment…..

3 minutes read

The Indian Futuristic Purview?

With the rupee falling and the commodity costs increasing, the title does sound ironic, doesn’t it? My intention is partially served but I should probably elucidate more. The other day,…..

6 minutes read

A Failed Verdict

A few months back, I was travelling from Lonavala to Pune with a bunch of friends in broad daylight. We couldn’t manage to get seats and so were standing near…..