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2013 Rearviewed

Everyone does one of these articles and most of those articles are better than mine. But I’ll do it any way. Cause I wouldn’t be able to cry myself to…..

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Merry Christmas

(w)HO(re) (w)HO(re) (w)HO(re)!! Don’t do it. You know what I’m talking about. The only reason you’re planning to attend this party is so you get a chance at getting laid……

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The Valley of Fear

To those who have read Sherlock Holmes, this title wouldn’t be a surprise. However, truth be told, it’s not going to be a rendition of the story that Sir A…..

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9 things banned in India

India loves banning stuff and here’s a non-comprehensive list of stuff that’s banned in all of India or in certain parts. (We changed our featured image because we were deemed…..

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In the name of God

In India, we have a lot of festivals. There is a droll analysis that should one consider all national holidays, festivals, one’s birthday, sick leaves and weekends, one could exhaust…..

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The newest word in the market today is soundsmartism. Okay, it isn’t. But don’t you wish it were? If in a room of 500 people or just a Mumbai Western…..