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when dfuse.in is famous and awesome…

  #1 we will have another site dedicated to all the rejected articles in a site called refuse.in  #2 Google will have a doodle  of Aniket on his birthday  in commemoration of…..

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R.I.P. Steve Paul Jobs (1955 – 2011)

An apple, you say? He’s no sinner, This one. Only the Delicious Lovemaking Of poetry With Machines. Just genius. A Man of Unsurmountable Passions, Black Turtle-necked Compassion. Written by Aditi…..

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Stud Muffin Of The Month : Rohan Kapoor

So Rohan Kapoor our ever effervescent creative director is back from his extended weekend from Ahem-badh. Unpacking his new/old iron for those Monday morning uniforms, the theplas which will be consumed the…..

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Happy anniversary?

I was so deep in shit when I started dfuse.in. that I don’t even remember the exact day we started. It was some time in 2009-but the exact day still…..