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Slam Poetry Mixtape #1

What’s not to love about poetry? After years of being a drone-student in school, poetry finally reveals itself. You start to love it. You write your first one with alternating lines…..

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Review: Scattered Windows, Connected Doors

This film can be viewed on Fliqvine for Rs.100 : http://df5.in/FQWatchSWCD The average urban Indian woman leads a multi-faceted life: family, education, marriage, husband, career, kids, in-laws, kitchens, cleaning, cubicles, etc……

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OffTheRecord: Living in a dream by Saahas Patil

Saahas Patil is an independent singer-songwriter from Bangalore, India. He is also the lead singer of the acoustic rock band Allegro Fudge. The song featured here is ‘Living In A…..

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In trying to overcome the human condition, I began to repel it. When basic human need is overwhelming, where everybody I know is going through the same turmoil. Every rich…..