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Silent Night- A dfuse.in Christmas Short

Christmas is the season of joy and giving. But amidst all the happiness and brightly coloured lights are the hidden pangs faced by more than 11 million street children in…..

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Look Brother! I can fly

One dull winter morning, the kind of a morning where nothing of significance happens, where the clouds are a dull grey and the colours of the peacock refuse to excite…..

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24.5 Hilarious Ways to Read This

The internet is very kind. It uses bulleted lists to convince us that we’re insane/ madly in love with the wrong person/probably going to jail. If you refuse to admit…..

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Review: Sulemani Keeda

In a country obsessed with big stars and inane narratives, here’s a film that is trying to break away. And break away it does with an incredible amount of panache……