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Review: The Newsroom Mafia

As the title suggests, The Newsroom Mafia is a book about the on-goings of a  newspaper or newsroom as such. However, this is not only what the book focuses on. It…..

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Review: The Chung Kuo Series

There are moments when Western sensibilities meet horrifically with oriental inscrutability. The West would have you believe it happened during times of conflict, with oriental forces met and flattened on…..

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Review: Revolution 2020

The man is no genius but he sure knows what sells. Chetan Bhagat’s Revolution 2020 might be a page turner for some but for the few others, it is an…..

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Into the Chocolate Factory

  Fifth grade was a good time to be in. Since I wasn’t abnormally tall then, I turned towards my school librarian for help when I couldn’t read the titles…..

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Review: The Glass Palace

If you like a book that bowls you over with a plot or one that excites you with a witty protagonist walking across the pages, then Amitav  Ghosh’s  The Glass…..