3 minutes read

Review: Paan Singh Tomar

The most striking feature about Paan Singh Tomar is that it is as real as it gets. It has a very authentic feel to it and it’s definitely an example…..

4 minutes read

Review: The Artist

The Artist is monochrome, silent and does not consist of any cinematic behemoth that would woo audiences (i.e., the generic herd of moviegoers). However, the fact that this movie is…..

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Review: A Separation

A seemingly prosaic, mundane drama, A Separation didn’t hook many people at first impression for we are a world that goes to the movies for ‘a change’ and not to…..

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Review: Sherlock Holmes – 2

Director: Guy Ritchie Cast: Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Noomi Rapace, Jared Harris, Stephen Fry Just when I had started banging my head against the wall after watching various 2011…..

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The Harry Potter Predicament

I firmly believe that Harry Potter has been one of the greatest things to have happened to the literary world in the 21st century. The books were not merely words…..

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Review: Don 2

Don 2 is a film that throws light on the megalomaniacal tendencies of Shah Rukh Khan – a film that loves the actor more than it loves the audiences.  Narrating…..