4 minutes read

Review: M: I – Ghost Protocol

Someone has been taking Napoleon too literally when he ambitiously stated ‘There is no such word as ‘Impossible’ in my dictionary,’ because someone needs to teach the Mission: Impossible guys…..

3 minutes read

Badasstic Badasses

  You don’t have to be Einstein or one of his descendants to figure out that villains are always the cool guys in movies. But ever since one man and…..

5 minutes read

Why Godfather 2 was a Disappointment

‘Disappointment’ is a relative word – all it says it that a thing isn’t amazing; it isn’t as good as your expectations without really saying much about the intrinsic quality…..

2 minutes read

Review: The Dirty Picture

To start with, Vidya Balan is a superb actor and she puts across a brave and unrelenting portrayal of Silk. (Try YouTubing Silk Smitha and you’ll know why this movie…..

4 minutes read

Review: Breaking Dawn – 1

  The Twilight saga is not the smartest thing that has happened to the universe, but for a moment I am going to cast all my past disdain aside. I…..

4 minutes read

Review: Desi Boyz

  Ladies and gentlemen, our beloved Bollywood has managed to do it again. They have managed to invest crores of rupees into making a movie. The end result? Utter rot……