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What if Aamir Khan ventured into Hollywood? Who would he be compared with? What if Lindsay Lohan did a Hindi item number? Saahil Dama brings to you a list of…..

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Review: Ra.One

Ra. One comes at a point when I had almost lost faith in Indian cinema. I had sacrificed a considerable amount of money, time and IQ points by making daring…..

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Review: Soundtrack

Soundtrack, directed by Neerav Ghosh is an official remake of the Canadian indie film It’s All Gone Pete Tong. I haven’t watched the original but from its trailer; I can…..

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Dude, who ripped my film?

There’s one thing I have observed – Bollywood thrives on copying stuff. Take for instance the KISS font used for the titles in the promos of Imtiaz Ali’s new film,…..

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If Tarantino made Dabangg

To imagine Quentin Tarantino making a Bollywood movie would be letting your imagination run wild after a 3 or 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (never mind what that means) overdose. There are some things…..

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Review: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

It has been ages since a Bollywood movie has had you glued to your seats. Hardly does any movie deal with suspense so well that your guts actually twist and…..