7 minutes read

The Worst Bollywood Movies of 2013

2013 was commercially, one of the best Bollywood years has had in a while. That does not necessarily mean that it was filled with wonderful and life changing cinematic experiences……

5 minutes read

Review: Dhoom 3

I wasn’t exactly expecting a Citizen Kane here. But the film disappointed me so much that I didn’t actually mind the annoying guy on his phone seated next to me……

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Our favourite films from IFFI 2013

I was at the International Film Festival of India 2013 in Goa. This is the 44th year of the festival. And like most things organised by the government, IFFI was…..

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Review: The Lunchbox

The credits rolled and I thought to myself; how can something so simple be so poignantly beautiful? And I probably thought over that for two days, hence the delay in…..

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Review: Lucia

We’ve never reviewed a Kannada film before and this is our first. I am not going to explain and then cringe and cry about the atrocities some of the films…..