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Listen: Kaleidoscope by The F16’s

  We had earlier featured Lightbulbs, the awesome single from the genre blurring Chennai based  band, The F16’s.  And here we have featured the whole album titled Kaleidoscope.  Yes, all of it is…..

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Listen: Ujjwal Raaj Sen – Broken Memories

Ujjwal Raaj Sen is a  20 year old Pune based Media student getting his hands dirty with music production. This song is heavy on bass and beautifully mixes Bollywood undertones…..

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The F16’s – Light Bulbs – Fresh New Single

Chennai based Elctro-Indie band The F-16’s  have dropped a bomb just released a new single from their upcoming debut EP Kaleidoscope. The songs called Light Bulbs, do give it a listen……

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For Your Ears Only

‘This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the earth move and then Hear my heart burst again…’ Adele’s mesmerizing voice fills the air the moment…..