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Drugs, Guns and Zombies

If I wrote this as a review it would merely be a whiny rant about why the movie was kind of, ever so awful. I would give away a little…..

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Review: Bombay Talkies

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]This review contains spoilers.  Spoilers spoil the film sometimes.[/box] Bombay Talkies is the much awaited anthology film that aims to celebrate Indian cinema cause you know…..

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Rearview: Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino has a handful of movies that he can be proud of, in terms of direction and artful execution, but is Django Unchained his best work thus far? Audiences…..

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Rearview: Zero Dark Thirty

There’s something awfully sinister about the way Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal have constructed Zero Dark Thirty. Initially meant to be a film about the failed mission to kill Bin…..

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Review: Chashme Baddoor

The original Chashme Buddoor is undoubtedly one of my favourite Indian films. Directed by Sai Paranjpe, that film is just as relevant  a film today as it was then or…..

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Rearview: Lincoln

A lot is always expected from the director of Schindler’s List, The Color Purple and Saving Private Ryan. And with Lincoln, Spielberg delivers a biopic on America’s greatest leader which…..