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Review: Odayan

A comic book writer once told me, “When you are making a film, if you need an airport you have to find locations, decorate a set, get permissions. If I…..

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How Harry Potter should have ended…

Some of us at dfuse.in love the Harry Potter series (Aniket hates it, but that’s okay) and when we came across this fan theory, we couldn’t help but re-post it……

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How WhatsApp Has Ruined Your Life

So does anyone around here remember ICQ? That hippie doodle flower was such a big part of my childhood. ICQ’s interface might have been prehistoric compared to (the super annoying)…..

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Review: Gulabi Gang

Set in the depths of Uttar Pradesh, in a little known place called Bundelkhand, Sampat Pal’s story is one of honour, courage, and dissent against the prevailing patriarchal voices of…..