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Attend: Prayatna Film and Dance Festival

As the result of a strong collaboration between Alliance Francaise (Pune), NFAI, Max Mueller Bhavan and Hrishikesh’s Centre of Contemporary Dance, the city of Pune will be witnessing a film…..

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Attend: Of Flesh and Blood

To jump straight to the details, Of Flesh and Blood is a photography exhibition which is going to be hosted at Ark – Art and Frames, Koregaon Park, Pune on the 13th,…..

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Release: I’m Yours / Tere Bina

Before we let the title baffle you even a little bit, let’s get straight to the point. Georgia Tech’s official South Asian / World Fusion A Cappella band, Taal Tadka has…..

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Go – Sunburn 2012 | DIY – Alcohol buckets

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KONY 2012

Invisible Children is an NGO started by three filmmakers – Ben Keesey, Laren Poole and Jason Russel. It deals with improving the lives of people in the conflict-stricken areas of…..