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The Doors

Bokeh patterns on roads. Colourful dusks. Meteor shower. Coffee on the beach. Milky Way at night. Cane mats. Hot chocolate. Moonrise. The air. The waves. The streets. The place that…..

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Band Baaja Baraat…

Three-four days for making memories. For the bride and the groom, they are the best days of their life; for the family, they are days when everyone comes together and…..

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Give me 5 minutes, I’ll be ready

“Give me 5 minutes, I’ll be ready.” I am pretty sure this never happens. Girls love dressing up, they enjoy it. And so, they take their own time to get…..

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Road Tripping

“We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore, except to make our lives into a work of art…. I believe in the person I want to…..

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Mumbai: Black ‘n’ White

Take a moment and slowly start to remove colors from one of the most active and busy cities in the country. Imagine if Mumbai had its skyscrapers painted in shades…..

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At Work

How many times do we look at the man who sells us things on the road? Do we at all look at the guy who handles the projection at the…..