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Tashi Delek

Greeting someone is something that we do every day – at times, consciously and at other times, subconsciously. We greet people; we welcome them. Gestures such as welcoming a newly-wed…..

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At the Jama Masjid

While praying, one usually let go of all consciousness or awareness of what or who they are surrounded by. It is a moment which the person shares only with his…..

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The four elements in nature represent a combination of both, energy and spirit. They have abilities of creation as well as destruction. They have been seen as supernatural powers as…..

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We have comforted ourselves by living on the screen-of our phones, laptops and more. Maybe it is time we slow down. It is time we look around us and realize…..

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The Colour Red

As a colour, red is extremely powerful. It holds utmost significance and even has a lot of hidden meaning. Because it catches the eye so easily, it is a colour…..