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Featured Photographer: Akash Ghai

We received a couple of photos from Akash out of which I have selected a few and I have also added the reason , for them being selected. This picture has a…..

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I  believe that it is emotion that completes any form of art. Portrait photography is a great way to enhance this belief. Portrait Photography is a very well known topic,…..

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Abstract Photography

  When most people think of abstract photography they think of strange colourful pieces that really catch the viewer’s eye. While in some cases this is true, the only real guideline…..

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  A breath taking scenery, a spell binding sunset, an awe inspiring landscape – all of these spectacles can be chronicled in a simple form of life, a form of…..

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Of Black and White

Colours, vibrant and full of life and convey countless emotions. But when the colours fail, is when the helpless photographer resorts to the first forms of photography – in monochrome,…..