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What the hell is the 27 club?

Editor’s note: Amy Winehouse wasn’t the only one to die at 27 and all of us at dfuse.in couldn’t resist digging out as much as we could on this ‘phenomenon’……

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Who the hell is mata hari?

They say she didn’t flinch. Not even once.  Not when she was arrested at Hotel l Plaza Athénée in Paris. Not when she was interrogated and accused of being a…..

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Who the hell is mary toft?

There is no limit to what people will do for those 15 minutes of fame. From Octomom (Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman Gutierrez) giving birth to a litter of children to Mark…..

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WTH is Bartitsu?

The Gentlemanly Art of Self-Defense There is something about the martial arts that makes it so kickass (pun intended!). Most of us grew up watching Jackie Chan, Jet Li and…..

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Where the hell is Timbuktu?

Person 1: “You never come around to my house anymore!” Person 2: “Yea well, that’s because you live all the way out in Timbuktu!” How often have you heard this…..

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Where the hell is Kilroy?

Potsdamn Conference, Occupied Germany   August 1925: Joseph Stalin steps out of his outhouse to have a quick smoke. He calls for Boris, his aide. “Борис скажите мне, кто, черт…..