5 minutes read

WTH is Wrock?

  For over 10 years, J.K. had us rocking and ‘rowling’ to her tune as Pottermania took the world by a storm. During those magical days, when 12-year olds used…..

2 minutes read

What the hell is pastafarianism?

This, my highly unacquainted readers, is a new religion. Yea, I’m serious – it’s a religion just like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and all the  others that we know of: The…..

2 minutes read

What The Hell Is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Devil’s Triangle. The Graveyard of the Atlantic. The Martian Pirates’ Hideout. The Bermuda is no ordinary triangle. First of all, unlike it’s uninteresting cousins, Scalene, Isoceles and Obtuse, this…..

2 minutes read

Who The Hell is Marie Antoinette?

  “Pardon me Sir, I did not mean to do it!”, she said to the executioner whose foot she accidentally stepped on minutes before she was guillotined. These were the…..