So, here I was, back in Shillong after completing my month and a half long internship. The very day I got a call from a friend asking whether I would like to be a photographer for a concert here. Needless to say, I agreed quite readily. I would do anything to get a glimpse of the ‘self proclaimed rock capital of India’ and if I could do it as a photographer – Oh! Why not!

Keeping to its tag as one of the major music hubs of the country, a fest was organized to celebrate the World Music Day, 21st of June – Cloud Confluence Fest is what it was called. A total of 27 local bands were to perform and I could not wait for the show to begin.

The day started off an hour late, keeping true to the Indian Stretchable Time, but once it did, there was no looking back. This place is oozing with talent and it spurts out even on the smallest of platforms such as this. Some bands like Street Stories, Still Status, Soul Socket and a few others were amazing and their music stayed on with you long after the show was over.

Well, I’ve always been a conversational retard at describing such occasions in words. Perhaps, that is why I took to the camera. Thus, I’ll end this piece here and hope that the pictures can portray the same energy as was present there at the concert on the 21st of June.