4 minutes read

A Play of Dolls

However much you might try to deny it, we have all played with them, thoroughly enjoying it. I wonder what childhood would have been like without the doll-playing and the…..

5 minutes read

Alex Grey: The Man and His Art

Alex Grey may come off to a lot of people as a bizarre individual who experiments and toys with works of psychedelic proportions that surpass one’s basic human psyche. Initially,…..

6 minutes read

Intimate Theatre: Without Curtains

The concept of Intimate Theatre is one which is seldom heard of. It consists of a performance where the performers are barely a few feet away from the audience. The…..

3 minutes read

The Fashion Escape

Fashion. It is one of those fleeting things that is but, concrete enough to shape identities. Almost everyone, admittedly or otherwise, has been a victim to fashion that has given…..

2 minutes read

Melodies for Tibet

On the 29th of January, I was among the audience of Melodies for Tibet, an initiative that aimed to bring about a significant change in the lives of the millions…..

4 minutes read

Pride of the Queer

The weekend of 10-11 December saw the city of Pune celebrate its second edition of the Q Fest. The festival celebrated the pride of the queer with the theme, ‘Being…..