4 minutes read

Punk’s not dead

Walk into any record or book store, the first thing that catches your eye is how the books/CDs are arranged into neat little stacks with labels on top. House, Gothic,…..

2 minutes read

The Bauls of Bengal

Simply put, the word ‘baul’ means ‘mad’ or ‘restless’. Technically, this would make the Bauls of Bengal madmen. I wouldn’t call them mad as much as I would call them…..

7 minutes read

We’re all just, bricks in The Wall

  Doors open at 18:30, my ticket said. So, obviously, I was there at 14:00.  Having entered the fabulous O2 stadium in London, it actually hit me. In a few…..

5 minutes read

at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender

Day 1 I couldn’t cover Day 1…due to many lame reasons…I know it was stupid of me to miss day1…. Day 2 It was a crazy evening at the Bacardi…..

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BACARDI NH7 Weekender

Keeping in tradition with bringing unprecedented musical experiences to its audience, BACARDI brings a unique music platform, a one-of-a-kind initiative that will pave the path for eclectic music in India……