Yes we all know it’s 2011. And no I won’t be lame here and wish you.
I don’t really know how I feel today.

There have been two major things that happened today. for the first time in it’s 2 and half year (or 11 months?) history saw an article being written about it.(

2.One of the reasons why I believed in voicing my opinions (which later led to bid farewell to our realm of happenings, Amit Saigal , the founder and editor of Rock Street Journal is no longer among us.

He started RSJ when I was 2 years of age and when I was old enough to read RSJ; I realized that the man was way ahead of his times. He liked doing things differently and he redefined the norms of alternative music in our country.

I dunno if he created the scene – but he sure did make it accessible to those who call themselves a part of it. Anyone who has been introduced to Indian alternative music before the whole bunch of internet scene nazis and neo nazis  (including us) came about, RSJ was the biggest source of information if not the only one.

I remember picking up RSJ when I wanted to buy a Rolling Stone (after having read a few vintage issues at a library)  in 2004 only to realize that there wasn’t any. RSJ, often called a cheap rip-off, is what I took home. Rip-Off? Of what?

Alternative music journalism itself is a niche and not so well paying activity. There is no chance of a rip-off in a market where competition doesn’t exist. It was only much later that Rolling Stone and the likes came around (some went packing).

Papa Rock as he was fondly called, still remains a very important figure in my head. I just saw him in photos (I did meet him much later at a GIR) and it was his long locks and free-willing charisma that stuck on.

India isn’t completely aware of what and who it lost today. May his soul rest in peace.

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  • Apoorva Gavarraju

    “India isn’t completely aware of what and who it lost today.”