I was so deep in shit when I started dfuse.in. that I don’t even remember the exact day we started. It was some time in 2009-but the exact day still evades my memory. It was some-time in August, I am sure or was it in September?

Who cares ?

Anyway, point is dfuse.in has seen two years of existence as an idea- though it was on hiatus for over four months in the middle thanks to me.

A special thank you to everyone who’s been a part of dfuse.in in the past and in the present and a bigger thank you to everyone who believed in dfuse.in.

Thank you Sanjeev (the moral support you provided was not needed, though the food was more than well appreciated) ,Anandi and Sid for being part of what was then a typo-laden alternate thought propaganda machine- wouldn’t have started without you.

A page from the last PDF issue of dfuse.in


Thank you Lipi,Rohan,Swathy,Rajdip,Anurag,Apoorva,Arjun and Neha for the reboot and for believing in this madness even though it gives you no return.

What? You want a cake? Go buy one.

I would also thank each and everyone one of you who opposed the idea of dfuse.in- be it by your continued “support” or by your “kind words”, we’d be no where without you.

We are looking forward to make a lot of changes in the layout and in the content. Most of these ideas didn’t come up during a dfuse.in team meetings but it happened last night when emotions fueled by other entities led to an impromptu future road-map for dfuse.in discussion.

We all had our points and a lot of them will see the light of the day soon.

I guess I ll sleep now. 15 hours of coding and designing what might be behind the scene at dfuse.in in the future , kinda drains you out.

Lights out.